Behind “Outsider”
A Letter from Creator Dyana Carmella

As human beings, we are meant to explore life, share love and to overcome obstacles. Many of us explore the earth in search of ourselves and to experience new and unfamiliar environments. Exploration involves the act of roaming, but it can also involve standing still to see the beauty in the world around us.

In a modern society, it’s easy to become insular and detached from life’s wonders. We can get stuck in our routines and become complacent as we fall deaf and blind to all the joys the world has to offer. But, deep in our hearts, we all have a need for freedom.

Edited_Ed_IMG_0404I’m actually not a fan of the word “travel.” My goal is to “explore.” One day I did a solo hike along the rolling hills of Santa Monica and I wound up getting lost — and instead of being panicked, I enjoyed the feeling of having no plan or direction. That was the moment when I understood why I love to explore: I find comfort in life’s uncertainty.

There is always an element of uncertainty when we travel or explore, such as when we get lost, but each uncertainty creates an opportunity to find new routes to happiness. Solving life’s puzzles can lead to new discoveries and accomplishments. Most people hate getting lost and many of us are afraid to fly. Getting on an airplane is one of my greatest fears in life, and I white-knuckle it on every flight, but when the wheels touch ground, I feel a calming sense of achievement — I also feel immensely excited about taking on my next challenge.

In everyday life we tend to suppress awareness — we forget to listen, watch, feel and be one with the world around us. We get hooked on social media and stifled by society’s demand for status and conformity. This often creates a cocoon of superficiality and complacency that can shield us from seeing the truth about important issues like poverty, greed and war. In order to grow as human beings, we must demand more from ourselves and others. Stepping out of our societal cocoons can lead to new discoveries and achievements — and as we grow and better ourselves, we can create a better world.

I created “Outsider” for people who love to travel and explore as well as for people who are scared shitless of stepping out of their comfort zone and changing the status quo. If I can get anyone to release a fear or to think outside of the box, I’ve done my job. “Outsider” is an inspirational wake-up call for us to be the explorers of our own lives and the world around us — because when we move forward, anything is possible.





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