Raised in Southern California, “Outsider” Host Dyana Carmella became an adventure seeker at a very young age. As a kid she would go on extended camping trips every year with her parents and two brothers, exploring California, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Hawaii and New Mexico. As a tomboy, Carmella enjoyed sports and appreciated the outdoors. Carmella received a full athletic scholarship to San Jose State University in Northern California, where her affinity for sports lead to a love for photography. She has filmed most of her experiences while traveling around the U.S. for volleyball matches.

After graduating as a Psychology major with a double minor in Broadcast Journalism and Film & Television, Carmella worked as a journalist for P3 Update, a film/TV production magazine that highlights international on-location shooting and technical advances in equipment. She wrote stories and shot videos for the publication while traveling the world to interview the industry’s leading filmmakers in Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, London, Hong Kong, the Caribbean and across the U.S. She currently runs Mystic Creative, a multimedia company supplying content for companies looking to grow their brand.

Carmella’s love of adventure has led her to create “Outsider” as a way to inspire others to see and enjoy the world. With Los Angeles currently serving as her home base, she maintains her passion for travel, culture and experiencing new ways of living around the globe.

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