Jordan Sessions
Los Angeles, CA/
South Island, New Zealand

Originally from Austin, Texas, Sessions currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. She packed up and moved out to LA at seventeen, leaving her loving family behind, to explore a new city and its opportunities.  Since then she has formed a love for traveling and exploring new cultures. Sessions graduated from Loyola Marymount University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Dance. She’s an avid fitness lover and enjoys long walks on the beach, fruity drinks, and Frank Sinatra (okay maybe part of that is true). Sessions is a go-getter and has always got her hands in a bunch of different projects. She is the type that has to be preoccupied with the things she is most passionate about. She loves dancing, acting, traveling, action movies, pepperoni and jalapeño pizza, Dippin Dots Ice Cream, “The Bachelorette,” Pitbulls, Sam Hunt, Jake Gyllenhaal, and her next door neighbor Dyana.
Instagram – @jsessions18