Anyone can tell you that getting into shape and transforming your body requires discipline, but that’s just for starters — it also requires motivation, constant movement, inner strength, perseverance and the ability to stop at nothing. All this holds true for Strength & Conditioning Coach Keri Anglin who, after an impressive pro volleyball career, has turned her attention to inspiring, transforming and pushing us to become the leaders of our own lives through physical fitness.

Raised in Winters, California just outside Sacramento, Anglin attended Loyola Marymount University in Southern California and studied kinesiology at San Jose State University, but her biggest adventure came after graduation when she had the esteemed opportunity to compete in professional volleyball in Switzerland. Today, Anglin focuses on inspiring others as a firecracker coach of Strength & Conditioning and Volleyball Skills. She’s also the owner of Bold Nutrition, Protein Treats and has created an online company specializing in customized workouts and meal plans.

From a young age Anglin knew athletics would play a pivotal role in her life. “Since I could crawl, I would use my hands to dribble/kick a soccer ball around,” she recalls. “I just always considered myself an athlete as soon as I understood the concept.” As a kid Anglin had a passion for any sport that involved being part of a team, and she thrived while playing soccer, softball, basketball and volleyball. “I love team sports and working together to achieve one goal,” she explains. “I always felt as though I could compete with both boys and girls in sports, and I did. I loved being ‘tough’ and beating boys or girls didn’t matter. I liked the feeling of winning.”

As an expert on strength and conditioning, Anglin notices that her clients share the same concern when it comes to mental or physical roadblocks. “When people don’t get results right away, they tend to get discouraged or want to give up, when in reality they should work even harder at that point and push through those feelings,” she advises. And she intimately knows a lot about this subject. The morning following her 18th birthday she was in a life-threatening car accident and was in the hospital for 3 ½ weeks. She lost a lot of muscle and then had to immediately begin preparing physically and mentally to rebuild herself in order to stay at the highly-competitive level of a Division I college player.

With every new client, Anglin stresses an essential rule before they ever pick up a weight: “This is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. Training is not something you quit when you reach your goal. Finding what you like to do that’s active and realistic to your schedule becomes more of a hobby than something you feel guilty about not doing.”

For anyone tackling multiday hikes or dealing with a strenuous travel schedule, Anglin recommends staying in shape by working out the entire body, including the core, quads, hamstrings, deltoids, latissimus dorsi and trapezoid muscles before you start your adventure. “A full body workout for hiking is necessary because you are engaging multiple muscle groups in tandem, all while burning a serious amount of calories and increasing your aerobic threshold,” says Anglin. “For outdoor sports, cardiovascular endurance requires a lot of conditioning. Especially if the hike involves steep or a steady incline.  Use the Stairmaster or walk on an incline up a treadmill to prep your body. Also using the treadmill or stairmaster is a good way to gage distance and time in a controlled environment. This is useful information that will be able to help you gage what trails you may be able to take on based on your training experience.”

She also knows the importance of focusing on nutrition, which she promotes with her healthy-eating classes online. “I provide customized meal plans based on an individual’s lifestyle, goals and foods that are enjoyed or not. [I do] customized workouts for individuals as well for an amazing rate,” she says. “I hold clients accountable through weekly weigh-ins, photos, measurements and daily food and exercise logs. It’s all online, so I can help anyone from anywhere, not just face-to-face training.” Anglin has also developed healthy treats through her Bold Nutrition Company, including protein donuts (“pronuts”), protein muffins and bars to battle our cravings for unhealthy sweets.

Anglin’s biggest inspiration and motivation is her mother who held a full time job at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine while she managed to raise Keri, her sister and brother who were all heavily involved in sports and extra curricular activities. Keri also lives life according to her favorite quotes including,  “You’ve got to take the good with the bad,” “Smile with the sad, love what you’ve got, and remember what you had” and “Always forgive but never forget; learn from mistakes but never regret.” And Anglin has great advice for anyone who’s afraid to physically push themselves to reach their greatest potential: “If it’s going to make you better, why would you be scared?”

Connect with Keri:

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @kerianglin, @boldnutrition