I love Flaming Hot Cheetos. They’re my obsession. I especially love stuffing my face with them while watching “Game of Thrones.” But a gut full of Flaming Hot Cheetos isn’t getting me any closer to my ultimate goal of Supreme Being status, like Leeloo in The Fifth Element.

In today’s fast-paced world, we focus on convenience and seem to care less about what we put in our bodies. We also forget that humans aren’t meant to be couch potatoes. A sedentary lifestyle can leave us feeling lethargic, especially after carbo-loading. Instead of inhaling bags of Cool Ranch Doritos and binge-watching “House of Cards,” you can reboot your entire system by fasting and going outside for a hike.

When daily stress is combined with an over-consumption of alcohol, coffee, sugar, dairy products, meat and/or processed grains, we are amplifying our digestive systems, and we start to crave these foods without knowing why. These foods contain toxins that can clog cells and cause diseases and inflammation. A fast or juice cleanse can flush out these toxins and repair and re-energize our bodies.

When you go on a juice cleanse, solid foods are removed from your diet so you can inject your body with high amounts of nutrients from fresh juices. During the cleanse, the cells in your body will release a variety of toxins, such as trans fatty acids, drugs, chemicals, dead cells, excess cholesterol and toxic waste in your liver, spleen and kidneys.

For the first 24 hours of cleansing you’ll feel sick to your stomach, but on the second day you’ll feel an incredible high — you’ll start to gain a tremendous amounts of energy yet won’t feel hungry, and you’ll feel more alive then ever before. There will also be moments when you’re so ravenous for food that nothing else matters, but you’ll soon regain your equilibrium.

Still stuck on the couch watching Netflix? As we depend more on technology, our everyday lifestyle can cut us off from nature and its benefits. We forget that it’s in our nature to be around nature. Hiking can reconnect us. Dr. Otto Buchinger, also known as “O. Wanderer,” considers exercising in fresh air as an “essential pillar of the art of healing.” When we go for a hike we pay attention to our breathing and begin to relax as we become aware of nature’s vastness and fragility. Hiking will improve our bodies’ blood flow to the liver, skin and lungs while also building strength in our glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and muscles. And if that isn’t enough, hiking is also known to boost our imagination. During a hike’s repetitive physical activity, our minds can take off to envision new futures that will make us happy.

So get out there, envision, create and become… oh and stop eating shit.