On Memorial Day weekend, the central coast of Bradley California held “Lightning in a Bottle.” This “transformative” sustainability festival promotes personal health, creative expression and social cohesion (AKA how to work with others and not ruin yourself with shitty food and pessimistic views on life). Think Burning Man meets Coachella.

This year’s festival showcased an impressive lineup of musical artists that included the swaying sounds of Chet Faker, Grimes, Jamie XX and Hundred Waters, just to name a few. The event also offered interactive experiences, like the Temple of Consciousness, and world-renowned visionaries, healers and wisdom teachers who provided sage advice to expand your mind and open your heart. And a learning kitchen was used for classes on nutrition, yoga and group meditations.

The festivalgoers ranged from van-traveling nomads to high-level CEOs, but they all came together to inspire each other and create an unbreakable bond. The attendees were happy to focus their attention on expressing love and acceptance in order to create a better world — their sharing of basic human values promoted the ideals of eating organically, helping those in need, and never ridiculing people for being different.

I was so impressed by the open-mindedness of the attendees — everyone can learn a thing or two from these enlightened individuals. Here are some heartfelt words of wisdom that caught my eye.

















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