Food trucks are the new cool kid in the food service industry. These trucks offer gourmet meals consisting if ethnic and fusion cuisine at a fraction of the cost of restaurant dining could be a platform to launch aspiring chefs to a savvy career, but first, to have a successful business you need to have a hefty amount of passion for what you’re serving.

This holds true for Cousins Ant Wilkins and Robbie McGillivray who are the pioneers of Taco Medic, a food truck based in Queenstown, New Zealand. The guys pride themselves on creating some of the best tacos in New Zealand and while traveling through I got to try them… and these are some serious delicious tacos (this is coming from girl born and raised in the taco meca of Los Angeles, California.)

The idea to build a food truck company came after Wilkins and McGillivray decided to travel the world. The guys made it down to Puerto Escondido, Mexico for three months to chill out, surf and of course… make tacos. “There were these amazing waves and we would surf for most of the day and when it was too hot we would make tacos,” said Wilkins. “Then we started learning about these amazing tortillas the locals were making. We took a few classes and learned how to make them, then came back home [to New Zealand] and decided to start our own business.”

Taco Medic is truly a collaboration of the fresh cultures of New Zealand and Mexico. The masa (Spanish for dough) used to make their tacos is directly from Mexico because the young chefs wanted to keep their tacos as authentic as possible with the respect of the Mexican culture. The tacos are then stuffed with New Zealand’s finest fresh fish, meats and vegetables. These are tacos of the highest quality and the guys would have it no other way.

TacoMedic_Tacos_3The truck is killing it everyday making customers come back over and over to get another taste of chow greatness. “We started here is Queenstown because we thought it would be a great place to start a business,” said McGillivray. “It’s a really international town with all the tourists and everyone knows Queenstown even if you have never been to New Zealand.”

When it comes to the diversity of the tacos there aren’t a lot to choose from. Which is a good thing. “We try to keep a really minimalistic menu,” said Wilkins. “We are really dedicated to offering the best product we can.”

On their current menu are The Fisherman, with local New Zealand fish, coriander and chili, The Bushman, with local sweet pork with a sweet onion reduction, The Producer, with Mexican black bean spread, garlic, thyme, pumpkin and goat feta cheese and lastly The Stockman, which includes 12 hour slow roasted beef with Chipotle pepper and finished with chipotle crème and crisp coriander. With tasteful, artful and fresh ingredients like this you cant go wrong.

While mostly in Queenstown, if you are traveling around New Zealand you need to find the truck. It’s a must! Visit the Taco Medic website and find out where you can find the truck at http://tacomedic.co.nz. Also checkout Taco Medic on Instagram @taco_medic.

You’re welcome.

Be sure to check out the full episode on Taco Medic with an interview with the guys coming this April!