With a love to travel, I started “Outsider” as a way to inspire people to challenge themselves past what they would ever dare to. Below are a few facts about me not all my friends know… so consider yourself lucky.

I love water.
Beaches, lakes, rivers, pools, ponds, etc. I couldn’t live anywhere without water in close proximity. This stemmed from growing up in Southern California and having every option available. My favorite is by far the beach.

I’m horrified to fly in planes. Before I fly I chant: “Humans don’t fly because God forgot to give us wings, so we built our own.” I can’t remember getting on a plane and not experiencing a minor panic attack. I have a superstition where when the plane takes off I have to hold a piece of jewelry or my left knee. I’ve been doing this for the last ten years.

DyanaCarmellaI have asthma. Doctor said I would grow out of it but it’s been 25-years buddy. I can’t partake in anything active without my inhaler and if I’m around bunnies or cats I sometimes die.

I play the ukulele and mandolin. Not well by any means but my mother says I’m the best she’s ever heard so that’s really all that matters. I can also play the theme from the Titanic on the piano. That’s it. Just that one song. That’s called “7-years-of-piano-down-the-drain.”

I could eat Del Taco all day/everyday. Thats right, I could live in the American fast food chain. Delicious cheap tacos and french fries under one roof. Perfection. I do appreciate good international foods but Del Taco has a sweet spot in my heart.

I have an obsession with donkeys and llamas. Something about these two animals just melts me. If I come across one I scream with excitement then usually cry soon after.

One place I’ve always wanted to go is Alaska. Maybe because its so un-populous. I would love to see some of the volcano’s scattered on the Peninsula and fish in the Bering Sea.

I can’t sing. Anyone who could stand on a stage and belt out lyrics is my hero. I wont even sing at karaoke bars, house parties, in the car or in the shower. Never. If you ever heard me sing consider it a rare treat.

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