While patiently waiting at the Los Angeles International Airport this past November I walked through a mini bookstore hoping to grab a quick read for my flight over the pacific to New Zealand. I’m a sucker for titles, so the “The Motivation Manifesto” written by inspiration leader Brendon Burchard immediately caught my eye. Little did I know this book would be my travel companion and fuel for inspiration for the next month ahead.

MotivationManifestoWhen I travel I tend to choose self-help books over fantasy romantic novels because as you move along your journey a little motivation could go a long way. “The Motivation Manifesto” in my opinion is one of the ultimate travel books. Below are the key elements of the book to which I believe everyone walking this planet should be aware of.

The book starts by asking the question: “Why, having been endowed with the courageous heart of a lion, do we live as mice?” Great question if you ask me. The book highlights nine personal powers you must claim to have more strength, happiness and independence in the world. Below is a brief insert from each personal power with added commentary from yours truly.

Meet Life with Full Presence and Power
Live in the moment. Don’t have a detachment from actually living. Choose to feel things, smell things, taste things, see things and hear things. Be aware of all around you.

Reclaim Your Agenda
Have discipline in achieving goals you have set out to achieve. Stop doing so much for others and start doing more for yourself. We have a perception of “false emergencies” where tasks need to be done immediate. Stop and relax! “Our busywork consumes our day but it’s not our life’s work.” Do work that makes you feel purposeful.

Defeat Your Demons
Don’t be a slave to fear, doubt or delay. Desire great things in life and fight off mental demons that keep you from believing you deserve to be great.

Advance with Abandon
Live your live being bold. Open yourself fully to love and life. Don’t wait for permission to activate your full potential. “We must remember we are not the sum of our intentions but of our actions.”

Practice Joy and Gratitude
“Well being has been cast aside for wealth; success favored over sanity.” Go into life with passion, energy and charisma and you’ll come out the other end with a greater appreciation for everything and everyone in your life.

Don’t Break Integrity
“For convenience or the wide smile of popularity, we waffle on our word and give up what we truly believe in.” Don’t become weak or heartless in the face of temptation. Stand up for yourself damn it and be truthful in feelings and intentions!

Amplify Love
Hating someone or something is absolutely exhausting. Free yourself from that feeling. “Love is divine; its everywhere, every present and abundant and free.”

Inspire Greatness
Demand more from life. Go climb that fucking mountain. Be unafraid to challenge the direction of your life and the world. Do better.

Slow Time
“Life is meant to be a vibrant, deeply felt, growing mosaic of long, meaningful moments.” Do not be deaf and blind to the present moment and all your senses.

Want more? Check out the full book for purchase on Amazon.